Good shows: past and present.
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    Game of thrones

    Several noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. WOW......... This is the highest rated show on IMDB A 9.5/10
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    Are you guys serious? Ending reality tv? How Gestapo!?!? I've never seen jersey shore, honey boo boo, but if they are getting ratings and other people enjoy, I'd never argue they should be taking off the air? How does anyone...
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    Boycott Reality Television!

    Demand better shows that truly entertain us, tell stories well, and give us something fun to watch and enjoy! Bring back the sweet and innocent family sitcom genre! Be creative again and write interesting storylines! Where are...
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    Different Strokes and Good Times were good! Sometimes they were very serious, but they were much better television shows than what is on these days...