Organic foods - rip-off or reality

Organic foods - rip-off or reality
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    The Benefits

    Organic foods are grown without pesticides chemicals , and hormones that can be linked to cancer. Organic foods also have the potential to lower taxes.
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    Organic meat is more important

    Even if you can argue the benefits of organic vegetables and fruits, there is a huge problem in eating non-organic meat which is full of antibiotics, hormones and other junk. Try meat in Europe. It tastes fresh and it's healthy...
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    texas best bbq

    Texas BBQ guide directs the best BBQ in Texas along with many tips and tricks of what to order, and where. We are especially focus on three main meats - Pork ribs, Brisket, & Sausage.
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    Waste of money!

    Organic foods are over charged and the benefits of eating organic don't really make much of a difference just as long as your eating the right foods and keep a balanced diest you can buy non-organic foods for a cheaper...
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    How you know?

    People may say they are organic but how can we really trust how they been grown or cultivated. Its sad that we can't really trust any organization with how they treat are food not only fruits and vegetables but also...
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    Rip Off

    I think organic produce coming from other countries are a rip off. No one ever follows up.