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    disappearing without a word.

    Ok, the situation: A few weeks back, i meet an ex girlfriend, we have quite history: she cheated on her bf with me, and in the end she just left and tried to hurt me as bad as she could so...
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    You know what grinds my gears? Individuals who think having a prescription justifies their abuse. You're no different, than the people who buy off the street.
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    People need to quit being losers!!!!

    I am SO SICK of employee-minded people. Not the in general stupid, that is everywhere....but people that can't think their way out of a wet paper bag, lazy employees, people that can't figure out the simplest concepts. Things that are...
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    Boss who has no idea what anyone does, yet calls meetings to waste your time with things he has no idea about.
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    a lot of people where I live are Asian-American yet people just make fun of them for being a majority in my neighborhood, kinda tired of people being a bunch of assholes
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    So called best friend

    I'm so tired of putting my all into an obviously one sided friendship. Like seriously I think of this person as my best friend and it seems like they could care less. And not only that, but to hear her...