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    Hawaii people

    Seriously, Hawaiians are the dirtiest, trashiest, and most ignorant people I have ever met. They should all be put on reservations in North Dakota where they can talk pidgin and fade into nothing… Discuss
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    Slow Drivers

    Get your ass over in the slower lane. How does someone not know what lane they should be in? At least driver the posted speed limit if not faster, but for fuck sake.....don't go slower.
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    Hi! I always feel less. I get worried about my social media posts. I worry about my photos. Maybe people around me wouldnt like me. I am even worried about the number of likes. How do I get over this?...
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    Do you know what really grinds my gears; when people come in to your room and ask you something then when they leave they leave the F***ing door open!
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    People need to quit being losers!!!!

    I am SO SICK of employee-minded people. Not the in general stupid, that is everywhere....but people that can't think their way out of a wet paper bag, lazy employees, people that can't figure out the simplest concepts. Things that are...
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    yelling children , wants be to get a bull dosser and just shove in them in the dirt
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    Ignorant People

    today i overheard a conversation between two men saying how they "couldn't believe the gay guy got hired over them" for a job. it's 2014, grow up and be more open-minded!
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    So called best friend

    I'm so tired of putting my all into an obviously one sided friendship. Like seriously I think of this person as my best friend and it seems like they could care less. And not only that, but to hear her...