My truly stupid thoughts

Sometime s I think really stupid stuff but don't tell anyone. Now I am telling.
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    Mee Mee

    In my group, there are 2 single girls who go by the name of Mee Mee (I guess you know the proper version, Mimi or Memey). So, to tell them apart, one girl is simply called Mee while the...
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    Shaded Eyes

    As they say, the eyes are the windows to the mind. I confess, I had the urge to just draw up a little, in order to catch a better view, this colleague in headscarf. She pulled it over her eyes. "Knock...
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    Poor old Barney

    My sister and I were talking one drunken night about our old family dog Barney, we were laughing at the fact he would never sit down properly on the the laminate flooring he would squat so his tatties wouldn't...
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    Devil horns

    Devil horns .. on a person who fills you with loathing. I am just making this up for fun. Hope it gives you a smile or a chuckle.
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    Dog pampers

    Dogs wearing pampers :D One night, I mentioned to my husband that a neighbour's dog kept barking furiously. He said the dog was letting his human master know it wants to go out and answer nature's call. Once the...
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    Strolling down a passageway, I saw a Muslim woman wearing a long, wide cape whom I interpret to look like ... an eagle ... No, stingray!