Music In General.

Share your moments where music effected you. I can remember as a child playing David Bowie's Changes and when that line "And these children that you spit on as they try and change their worlds, are immune to your consultations, they're quite aware of what they are going through" was delivered it gave me a feeling of empowerment, excitement and even a little fear. I can remember sitting on top of hay bales under a beautiful moon on a warm summer evening listening to Tom Petty's first album and feeling totally free. And I still get a big kick out of much modern rock. The Fratellis, Henrietta, causes me to break out a mean air guitar. Music can speak to the soul.
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    What do you guys listen to?

    I don't want to go too much into detail because I highly doubt strangers on the internet would care. I love The Smiths, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Dir En Grey, The Prodigy, The Ramones, The Novembers, and numerous other...
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    How I started music

    Just wanna know how you guys were inspired to start playing music :)) I know mine's a little bit too, uh you know. I started playing the guitar when I was in a praise fest. The music was so overwhelming...
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    Concert junkies

    Anyone else out there? My wife and I can't get enough. It seems that every spare $ we have goes to tickets for a show somewhere. It doesn't matter where. We've been known to drive 12...