About A system of governance and social organization that's free from cronyism, nepotism and discrimination (racism, sexism and so on), with equal educational opportunities for all children regardless of the wealth and background of their parents. Description Democracy has a reboot button of sorts. It’s called an election. A bad government can be voted out and a new one voted in to start the system afresh. The trouble is, the new gang looks exactly like the old. Nothing changes. The power behind the throne is still there. The puppetmasters hidden by the curtain are the same as before. The democratic reboot button pretends to work, but doesn’t. It’s part of the great democratic illusion. Meritocracy is true democracy without the corruption, no rich corporation and banks influencing the outcome of elections. The goverment officials will be chosen based on their merits and responsibility, not just a puppet show run by rich elite. While the word merit is a bit vague, obviously in academic circles it means most knowledge/experience. In politics we have to asked ourselves what we are looking for in a leader. Obviously the main characteristic would be someone that genuinely represents the interests of the voters and not their own agendas, so we should based merit on this principle. The Five Meritocratic Principles: 1.NO NEPOTISM A true equal start and equal opportunities for each child to succeed. It shouldn't matter who your parents are, but who YOU are. 2. NO CRYONISM No golden handshakes, corruption and bribery, the politicians will be chosen by their merit only not by their connections to rich sponsors. It's not what others can do for you, it's what YOU can do. 3. NO DISCRIMINATION Sex, race, religion, age, background are all irrelevant. Merit and commitment is everything. 4. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES You start from the same point as everyone else, and you go as far as your efforts take you. 5. REWARDING MERIT The highest rewards go to those that deserve them based on their merit and commitment.