Marijuana should be legalized

First of all before discussing anything, people need to understand the anatomy of marijuana. Marijuana has two main contents; THD (Tetrahydrocannibol) and CHD (Cannibodiol). However the scrutiny that is associated with marijuana contains high contents of THD. THD is responsible for the "high" in marijuana. Furthermore, it’s the content that impairs cognitive movement and the prefrontal cortex. However, the type of marijuana that has medical benefits is marijuana that contain high contents in CHD and low contents in THD. Furthermore, this type of marijuana is very beneficial for people with epilepsy and cancer. People are able to receive the benefits marijuana oil without getting high. Moreover, it’s really helpful and can give people relief without taking prescription drugs that can actually harm them more than helping them. You may ask yourself why marijuana isn't legal yet and the answer: The U.S. government! The U.S. classifies marijuana as Schedule 1, which means that is dangerous (more "dangerous" than heroin) and has no medical benefits. However, I find it quite ironic that the U.S. government owns patent #6630507 which is the antioxidants and neuroprotectants of marijuana that are useful for epilepsy and cancer patients. Since marijuana isn't legalized in some states, parents or relatives of epilepsy and cancer patients either watch in despair how their close one deteriorates or they leave their life and move to a weed legal state to obtain the medicine. Moreover, they leave everything they know before and have to pay more because it’s not insured. In conclusion, the U.S. government doesn't give a shit about little kids and adults suffering from diseases that can be treated with marijuana. Politicians only care about their bank accounts being "high". This all goes to show how everything is controlled by politics. Marijuana should be legalized. Whether it be high in THD or low in CHD, or the opposite, its benefits heavily outweigh its deficits. Even if people use marijuana simply to get high, the solution is regulations. The legalization of marijuana will bring many positive changes. If marijuana is legalized, drug traffickers and corrupt politicians will have less power over the population because there would be local dispensaries and people wouldn't purchase from them anymore, resulting in them losing power. Furthermore, less people would die in the war against drugs and the government will be able to cut billions of dollars from drug wars and use it to create more jobs to boost the economy.