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    my best Twitter followers

    I started using Twitter in 2012. I succeeded to find some good people for conversation. I have some good followers from my country. I like to contact a journalist from radio and I like to listen their shows. There are...
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    Social Number Release 2.3 is out!

    Dear users 2.3 release of Social Number is out. Please update your mobile apps. There are a lot of new features and major performance improvement that you'll like. A couple of other requests: - Please donate whatever you can by going to...
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    How can you post long tweets

    I use two websites to publish long tweets: You need to sign up on Twitter, write title and text and click publish. In your tweet, you will see your title and link.
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    Sexual harassment cases keep coming up

    Is there anyone left who has not sexually harassed someone especially in entertainment? Are we going too far? Why isn't Trump resigning like Franken and others? Why is Roy Moore still in the race? How does everyone feel about these...
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    Konsep Ramah Lingkungan oleh RAPP

    April grup merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang berkembang menjadi sebuah kelompok usaha global yang mempekerjakan lebih dari 60.000 karyawan, dengan total aset lebih dari US$ 18 miliar serta jangkauan penjualan di seluruh dunia. Perusahaan yang dipimpin oleh seorang pengusaha terkenal dan...
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    Online dating

    Online dating is very unsecured way to meet a partner. Many people use dating websites and social networks to scam. They use fake names to scam and steal money. Many girls are satisfied with online relationships and don't want to...