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    History of Europe - videos

    I created an online bundle from the links to videos about history of Europe. The bundle can be viewed in a link
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    Does someone actually use this?

    Maybe it's just my impression, but it's like this community is rather small. Which is not bad, but it is strange. I thought it would be filled with people who want to vent or something like that.
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    Micreosoft social network -

    Socl, where creativity meets. Socl — pronounced social — lets you create, collect and share stuff you love. From rich visual collages to short animated media, express yourself through posts that take seconds to create, collect and share (on Socl, as...
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    History of Poland

    You can see a video in the links:!/general:history-of-poland-966-201!/general:history-of-poland-966-201
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