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    ..Stand stills.

    I hate not being able to do things. I want to do Modeling, yet can't get together the outfit, weather, and photographer together for me to do so..I am so not sure what to do next. I wish I could...
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    Minds - free speech social network

    I joined to last year. I am very satisfied using You can see what is Minds in the videos: There are a lot of interesting blog posts and videos.
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    new here

    I'm not the easiest person to talk to but I'm down to make friends. the app won't keep my details after i change my info so I'll say a little here. I'm a pervy guy (not a sicko) I just...
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    Social media class

    Hi, I'm here because of a class about social media. I have to write a paper about social networking websites; would anyone be willing to answer some questions about this one? I have a list that my professor requires us...
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    I discovered a social network I can share books, news, music, pictures, videos, applications and games. Thare are no online friends on Sharegiga. Thare are no trolls and spammers.
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    New scam

    Good day, I sent this mail 2 days ago, but you did not reply me...hence am sending it again. Can you Please help me confirm if you can handle this?. Sorry my name is DR. SAMUEL- A...
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    I deleted my Facebook account in August. There are the milions of trolls and scammers on Facebook. Many people like to offend and hate on Facebook. Many people post uninteresting photots and content on Facebook. They think that their life...
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    I use a social network CornerHub. You can inform aboutCornerHub on a video and a website