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    my best Twitter followers

    I started using Twitter in 2012. I succeeded to find some good people for conversation. I have some good followers from my country. I like to contact a journalist from radio and I like to listen their shows. There are...
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    Link saving websites

    I started using link saving websites. I consider them useful. I can bookmark, organize and share links.
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    How can you post long tweets

    I use two websites to publish long tweets: You need to sign up on Twitter, write title and text and click publish. In your tweet, you will see your title and link.
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    Jangan Remehkan 2 Profesi Pekerjaan Ini!

    Tidak semua profesi di Indonesia dipandang baik oleh masyarakat. Ada beberapa profesi yang sampai saat ini masih dipandang rendah padahal penghasilan yang bisa didapatkan dengan pekerjaan tersebut cukup menjanjikan. Seperti kata pepatah don’t judge a book by its cover. Orang...
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    Social Number New Users

    It would seem, given the anonymity, that more would be posted on "Social Number" than on public forums like Google Plus, Facebook, MySpace, and such. Still, I must be so naive, that I have yet to find a single pal,...
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    Social Networks my online followers use

    When I found someone on Internet, I search his name on Google and I find which social media he or she uses. I found that they use Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Qwerby, Flickr, Pocket. Some of them have their own websites....
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    Twitter bots I like

    I follow two interesting Twitter bots. They follow me and reply to my Tweets:
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    I deleted my Facebook account in August. There are the milions of trolls and scammers on Facebook. Many people like to offend and hate on Facebook. Many people post uninteresting photots and content on Facebook. They think that their life...
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    Govt shutdown

    All politicians are selfish pricks. They don't care what the impact would be on people's daily lives and shut down govt for their own egos...
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    Online dating Some men try to meet girls on social networks and dating sites. There are too much fake girls on social networks and dating sites. It is not clear if they are men or women. They could be scammers, terrorists, criminals...