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    Online dating

    Online dating is very unsecured way to meet a partner. Many people use dating websites and social networks to scam. They use fake names to scam and steal money. Many girls are satisfied with online relationships and don't want to...
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    my best Twitter followers

    I started using Twitter in 2012. I succeeded to find some good people for conversation. I have some good followers from my country. I like to contact a journalist from radio and I like to listen their shows. There are...
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    Kepedulian Sosial Sukanto Tanoto Pada Masa Krisis

    Sukanto Tanoto adalah seorang pengusaha yang sukses dan ia tercatat salah satu orang yang berpengaruh dalam bidang bisnis. Perusahaan Royal Golden Eagle yang ia dirikan pada tahun 1973 memiliki aset senilai 15 miliar dolar Amerika. Selain itu juga, ia memperkerjakan...
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    Disrespectful people on socal networks

    Many people offend and hate other people on social networks. I have never understand why they need to offend others. Some people like to block their friends and followers. If someone send them a message or comment posts, they block...
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    Perfect life in Western countries

    Many Serbs go to Western countries. They think that everyone is rich in Western world. But they do not have enough money to pay dentists and scholarship on universities. I hear that Americans complain about healthcare. I hear every day...
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    Censorship on social media

    I see that many people complain that their posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were deleted. Many of them are conservatives, nationalists, racists, haters and trolls. Social networks allow everyone to express. The freedom of speech on social media is...
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    Social Networks my online followers use

    When I found someone on Internet, I search his name on Google and I find which social media he or she uses. I found that they use Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Qwerby, Flickr, Pocket. Some of them have their own websites....