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    I like a black girl

    I found a black girl on Internet and I chat with her. We have the same profession. I like her. She is very nice to me. The main problem is a big distance between us. I invited her to come...
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    Russian cyberattacks

    Cyberattacks from Russia, China, Iran and other countries are accelerating. But U.S. and Israel are also attacking other countries. The wars are being fought in the cyberspace now instead of physically.
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    Dating with me

    If you want online dating with me, send me a message and add me as pal. I am not interested in sexting. If you want to get money from me, don't contact me. I am 27 years old.
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    my best Twitter followers

    I started using Twitter in 2012. I succeeded to find some good people for conversation. I have some good followers from my country. I like to contact a journalist from radio and I like to listen their shows. There are...
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    The latest news about Facebook

    I am not surprised with the latest news about Facebook. Facebook collects data about its users. It wants to know everything about its users.It is possible that identity could be stolen. Facebook store data about users and they don't know...