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    ..Stand stills.

    I hate not being able to do things. I want to do Modeling, yet can't get together the outfit, weather, and photographer together for me to do so..I am so not sure what to do next. I wish I could...
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    Minds - free speech social network

    I joined to last year. I am very satisfied using You can see what is Minds in the videos: There are a lot of interesting blog posts and videos.
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    I deleted my Facebook account in August. There are the milions of trolls and scammers on Facebook. Many people like to offend and hate on Facebook. Many people post uninteresting photots and content on Facebook. They think that their life...
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    Treaty of Versailles 1919

    Treaty of Versailles can be read in the links:
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    I joined to a website Welcome to the newest MediaWiki website: BNB Villa. What is BNB Villa? This website is a website dedicated to putting together information about: Points of Interests Hotels Tourist Attractions and so much more. You may say we are a blog site...