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    Request for donations

    Dear users - we are hoping you'll help us out. We have been operating the site and apps and adding new features without any ads. We are facing financial constraints. Please do whatever you can. Donate is on on the...
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    Online dating Some men try to meet girls on social networks and dating sites. There are too much fake girls on social networks and dating sites. It is not clear if they are men or women. They could be scammers, terrorists, criminals...
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    Disrespectful people on socal networks

    Many people offend and hate other people on social networks. I have never understand why they need to offend others. Some people like to block their friends and followers. If someone send them a message or comment posts, they block...
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    Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

    Supporters of net neutrality have roped in AIB to get people to log on to and register their comments on the entire debate which has gripped the country for the past few months. - See more at:
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    Enough with the debates!!

    My God! How many debates do we need to have for the presidential race. It's the same topics, the same damn answers with no back-up or hard proof on both sides. These are driving revenues for CNN and Fox but...
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    What the hell is wrong with you people ?! This is your last hope to have an opinion that isn't labeled by Liberals and other Government hawks. This is the starting point from which we can regain our lost freedoms. Doesn't anyone pay...
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    Jodi Arias Trial

    I think that it quits to be self defense of you stab the guy over 25 times, slit his throat, and shoot him in the face....Seriously...I am not buying her "Self-defense" BS.