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    Creation of a new nation *** Help with the creation of a new republic by helping draft the greenway constitution or fork it for your own project! *** *** *** *** Read constitutions of the world and compare them to aid in collaboration with the greenway project ***
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    learning to have fun alone

    my husband and I live in the same house we don't relate and we have no physical for 10 years. I miss the affection of a male. Am not talking about sex am talking about a guy who just wants...
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    Age gaps

    What would you say is an appropriate age gap for a girl in her mid teens. I happen to have a crush on a man in his early twenties but I need to know how much of a gap is...
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    Trump & Hillary

    Trump - Trum-pet. A little joke. In Mandarin, Trump is spoken "Tra-rum-poo". . . Ok, Hillary is "She-la-ri", which in Malay loosely translates "She runs".