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    I deleted my Facebook account in August. There are the milions of trolls and scammers on Facebook. Many people like to offend and hate on Facebook. Many people post uninteresting photots and content on Facebook. They think that their life...
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    I joined to a website Welcome to the newest MediaWiki website: BNB Villa. What is BNB Villa? This website is a website dedicated to putting together information about: Points of Interests Hotels Tourist Attractions and so much more. You may say we are a blog site...
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    Bernie Sanders is crazy!

    In the democratic debate, Bernie makes these crazy statements that he can never get approved. Socialized medicine, higher wage rates. No Congress will approve those things. He's an extreme liberal. He's like the Tea Party of Democrats. Nice guy but...
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    file mirroring

    I use file mirroring websites: When I upload my files on them, my files are uploaded on the file hosting websites which I choose. There is no file storage limits.
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    Creation of a new nation *** Help with the creation of a new republic by helping draft the greenway constitution or fork it for your own project! *** *** *** *** Read constitutions of the world and compare them to aid in collaboration with the greenway project ***