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    Enough with the debates!!

    My God! How many debates do we need to have for the presidential race. It's the same topics, the same damn answers with no back-up or hard proof on both sides. These are driving revenues for CNN and Fox but...
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    I deleted my Facebook account in August. There are the milions of trolls and scammers on Facebook. Many people like to offend and hate on Facebook. Many people post uninteresting photots and content on Facebook. They think that their life...
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    Scam from fake Graca Mandela

    Dear Beloved, Please this is important and urgent as well as confidential that is why I kindly ask you to reply via this my direct and personal email address: With due respect, I must apologize for this unsolicited message, I am...
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    I joined to a website Welcome to the newest MediaWiki website: BNB Villa. What is BNB Villa? This website is a website dedicated to putting together information about: Points of Interests Hotels Tourist Attractions and so much more. You may say we are a blog site...