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    Airlines are getting greedier

    Packing passengers like sardines has become the norm. Now that they have realized the taste of profitability they don't want to stop. With a handful of airlines controlling everything it's easier to get away with it. May be this is...
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    Social Number mobile app is out

    Just saw this on social number twitter feed - looks like Android is out. Hopefully iOS will be out soon - Best anonymous social networking app Social Number going #mobile now - Download on Google Play -
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    Happy New Year!

    Wish you all a Happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful 2015!! Looking forward to conversing here with my virtual "number" friends...
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    Is the End coming near?

    I had studied both of the religious books which was Bible and Quran... Both of this books told us about the end of the world. Can anybody explain whether this phenomenon would happen or not.
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    Anyone wanna talk football?

    Drafts coming up. Talk about your team's needs, who you'd like them to go after. Or talk about other teams, the best pick up of the offseason, superbowl favourites, anything just talk football.
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    Jobs in China and Japan

    I see sometimes that some Chinese and Japanese schools search for teachers from Serbia. The most wanted are teachers who teach English. What do you think about it?