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    Anyone wanna talk football?

    Drafts coming up. Talk about your team's needs, who you'd like them to go after. Or talk about other teams, the best pick up of the offseason, superbowl favourites, anything just talk football.
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    Vegetarian Recipes

    I've been trying to eat healthier and would like some suggestions from Vegetarians. I do not forsee myself ever becoming a full pledge vegetarian, but would like to try this out. Can anyone provide some good and easy recipes? Also,...
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    A terrifying future.

    This world is sick, we've all known that for a while. But it's starting to become worse and the signs are showing up everywhere, which is just a few steps before the entire structure breaks down. This is not a doomsday post,...
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    Gays can't be converted says Christian Group Wow - what a revelation ! It only took a few decades for them to figure it out. Better late than never
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    Can anyone define someone who is of Asian/Caucasian/African-American/Native-American blood? I'm tired of marking "other" on every single survey. I'm not a fucking "other", do i not deserve even the decency to be categorized with other races, or do i have...
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    work issues

    I asked my manager today for more responsibilities and a new position at work so that I can get a payroll raise, because I recently became separated. instead she tells me that I should wear more make up...