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    How to order checks

    Order bank checks online is that many online check printing services maintain a wide, almost endless selection of designs. This is huge compared to what conventional financial institutions offer, which is normally the plain, ordinary, and common bank checks with...
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    How to save yourself

    How to deal with someone who has touched your ego - with fraud has arrived to you and then used floorer? I think it must be admitted defeat and forget. To save yourself.
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    Galactic Disclosure?

    Any information regarding the disclosure (as in the progress or anything else relating to it) or is there anyone out there that may be in contact with anyone who may know some information? I'm trying to find out all I...
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    Why is love so difficult? I feel like I almost don't even believe that true love exists these days.
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    Govt Shutdown? - This Congress is worthless

    These guys can't think beyond their own egos. Playing games, blackmailing, and bickering - are these mature politicians or teenagers? And who'll suffer. Normal Americans who are struggling day to day and living paycheck to paycheck. What a bunch of...
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    Wondering how people deal with forgiveness. Not always in the religious sense, but for people who have made mistakes, life altering ones that people will forever judge them for. Is it within your right to hate someone for the rest...