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    Should I Disown My Own Mother

    I will try to be to the point, My brother was molested as a child by my real father. He is currently 40 yrs old and lives with my mom. He has over the times shown his penis to my...
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    an after affect of vocal chords being tightened in your through leads to losing voices at more frequent rate and comes back up, do you think this is true???
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    ok, not sure where to start. I have a very big problem with procrastination. Normally I would just think I'm being lazy, but lately it's gotten to the point where suicidal and depressing thoughts are swimming in my mind. Whenever...
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    Govt Shutdown? - This Congress is worthless

    These guys can't think beyond their own egos. Playing games, blackmailing, and bickering - are these mature politicians or teenagers? And who'll suffer. Normal Americans who are struggling day to day and living paycheck to paycheck. What a bunch of...
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    Issues With Acceptance

    i have trouble accepting people for who they are anymore, because nobody seems to accept me. so why make the effort to be non biased when people have already judged me? long before they meet me a lot of the...
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    file mirroring

    I use file mirroring websites: When I upload my files on them, my files are uploaded on the file hosting websites which I choose. There is no file storage limits.
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    Am I doing something wrong

    My girlfriend asks me to wake her up at a certain time, as she is tired, I do so but she goes back to sleep so I try continuously to wake her, when she finally does I get moaned at...