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    Bernie Sanders is crazy!

    In the democratic debate, Bernie makes these crazy statements that he can never get approved. Socialized medicine, higher wage rates. No Congress will approve those things. He's an extreme liberal. He's like the Tea Party of Democrats. Nice guy but...
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    I discovered a social network I can share books, news, music, pictures, videos, applications and games. Thare are no online friends on Sharegiga. Thare are no trolls and spammers.
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    I use a social network CornerHub. You can inform aboutCornerHub on a video and a website
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    I joined to a website Welcome to the newest MediaWiki website: BNB Villa. What is BNB Villa? This website is a website dedicated to putting together information about: Points of Interests Hotels Tourist Attractions and so much more. You may say we are a blog site...
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    My online friends

    I have many online friends from the whole world. Many of them are from the USA and Canada and I like to communicate with them. I like the girls from the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia because they are very nice...
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    Personal data on Facebook

    When I was using Facebook, I noticed that Facebook wanted to know everything about its users. I have my accounts on some other websites and they want to know less information about me. Why does Facebook want to know everything...
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    The key to being successful in communicating with men is to following these five Man Whispering principals: Identify the issue Learn to pose the issue effectively Zip it Let him try to fix it And finally, reward him for fixing the issue. While employing these five...