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    Scam mail

    My wife and I won the Euro Millions Lottery of £53 Million British Pounds and we have voluntarily decided to donate €1,000,000EUR(One Million Euros) to 5 individuals randomly as part of our own charity project. To verify our lottery winnings,please...
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    scammers on social media

    Th scammers are people who want to trick you and steal your money. They are very active on social media. They are active mostly on Facebook and dating websites. I was receiving email from the fake refugees who claimed that...
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    Treaty of Versailles 1919

    Treaty of Versailles can be read in the links:
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    Knin in the 19th century Knin in a city in Croatia.
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    file mirroring

    I use file mirroring websites: When I upload my files on them, my files are uploaded on the file hosting websites which I choose. There is no file storage limits.
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    New scam

    Good day, I sent this mail 2 days ago, but you did not reply me...hence am sending it again. Can you Please help me confirm if you can handle this?. Sorry my name is DR. SAMUEL- A...