Funniest Mean Things you've said.

Sometimes you say something mean, and witty, and justified, and I want to hear it all.
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    Formula One driver

    There is one higher-up, a man, I don't particularly like. His clerk mentioned how he was harassing her to have his reports finished as soon as possible, ahead of the others. His competitive streak made me come up...
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    How about creepiest?

    We were walking down Las Vegas Blvd, and a friend asked two girls if we could take a picture with them. They said "no". I said "too late."... they looked mortified and we all died laughing.
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    Disgruntled call center employee

    I used to work in the collections department for a cellular service provider. It was around Christmas time, and I was having one of those days where every call I took was an absolute nightmare (if you've ever worked in...
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    when being told to fuck off by women...i never forget my manners and reply....ladies first ;p
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    Bitchy Co-Worker

    This devil Beeotch over heard me talking about my gf's pregnancy. She said "my births were normal for my children" and I started laughing. She said "You think it's funny now, but you'll mature real quick." I replied "I'm laughing...
  • 004-2014-760

    Call Support

    When I call tech support or something and I get a person w/ half a brain and no English skills. "Can I speak to someone who speaks my language. I clearly pressed 1 for English why am I talking to...