Downton Abbey Fans

This is a group for anyone that watches and wants to discuss it.
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    Started watching six weeks ago

    I just started watching the week before Christmas when my Mom was in the hospital-there was nothing else on. I got completely hooked and now don't miss an episode. I got caught up with seasons 1 & 2...
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    2/3/12 Episode

    Lord Grantham's tidy little world seems to be falling apart around him. I couldn't believe it last week when he basically refused to let Lady Sybil go to the hospital, and the arrogance of the Dr he brought in....
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    Season 3, episode 6

    I'm glad they found a way to keep Tom and the baby on the estate, and that they will live in the house for a while at least. Hopefully he and Matthew can get the place back in shape...