A place to discuss interesting archaeology programs. projects and discoveries. Just a general interest group. Everyone welcome.
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    Discovering archeology

    HOW DID YOU DISCOVER ARCHAEOLOGY? As a child I became an "accidental archaeologist" (as many children do) by simply finding things laying about and wondering what it was, who it came from, and how long it had been there. Later...
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    Half-Million-Year-Old Human Jawbone Found

    Scientists have unearthed a jawbone from an ancient human ancestor in a cave in Serbia. The jawbone, which may have come from an ancient Homo erectus or a primitive-looking Neanderthal precursor, is more than 397,000 years old, and possibly more than...
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    This site contains some interesting archeological stories. You sometimes have to sift out some of the bizarre conspiracy theories but still a lot of the stories are based upon credible information with citations and links to the original stories. Here is...