Cutters, Eating Disorders, And all the rest of it


Your Not Alone.

Think about it.. Your in your bedroom, thinking about everything that day. You grab the pen and paper and start to write a note for the last time, you lay down for the last time, you cut.. for the very last time. As you lay there, your lifeless body. Your litlle brother comes upstairs to tell you dinner is ready and he thinks your sleeping, so he gets your mom. Your mom comes upstairs, grabs te note and tries to wake you up, she starts to cry, Your little brother goes downstairs and tells your dad that mommys crying and sissy wont wake up so your dad comes upstairs, sees you and throws something at the wall then falls to his knees. Your mom crawls over to him and they hold eacother. The next day at school, the principle announces your suicide. Everybody blames themselves, the teachers feel that they were too hard on you, the popular girls feel that they were too mean.. the football team feels that even though they teased you and said you were ugly it was only because you were the most beautiful girl. Your ex boyfriend walks out of the classroom and breaks down screaming crying sorry for they way he was when you were together. Your friends all second guess themselves, thinking what they couldve done differrent. And your bestfriend? Shes in shock, Shes silent. She is quiet and goes into the hallway wailing, no tears because she knows everything you went through but never thought it would get that bad. At your funeral.. your bestfriend is silent sitting as she makes her way up to the casket all that holding in was gone, she lost it thinking her besfriend is gone forever. Your little brother still doesnt know that you killed your self. He was told you just died. The whole town went that day because everyone knew you as that girl with the bright smile and bubbly personality. Two years later. The whole school is seeing a counselor. All your teachers quit. the mean girls have eating disorders. The mean guys cut themselves now. Your ex boyfriend doesnt know what to do with his life so he just sleeps around. Your friends are all in major depression. Your bestfriend tried to commit suicide.. she didnt suceed like you but she tried. And your brother? he found out how you died. He now cuts too. Your parents? they fell apart. your dad is a workaholic and your mom got diagnossed with depression and lays in bed all day. People care about you. You may not think so, but your beautiful. And so is your body. so dont ruin it. You may have put yourself out of pain. But look who all is effected. I may not know you. and you may not know me. But im here for you. And i know how you feel.

  • February 2013