Working Moms


The pain of being a working mom.

This is hurting me so bad.
I have a job that I can't quit because the pay is alright and I have benefits that cover the dental work that my hubby and I desperately need.
It's 40hours/week but I have to be there closer to 50 hrs per week because of carpooling I get there an hour early.
I get my son dressed and ready for daycare then at 730 he leaves with his stepdad who drops him off.
Then I go to work and dont finish until nearly 930pm.
This hurts me. I get 20 mins in the morning with him that is it.
I get 2 days off per week that I can spend with him - but sometimes his dad takes him one of those days so I really only get one day a week.

This is killing me.
I can't afford to leave work because I need to feed, house and clothe my family - but I can't even enjoy the family I have.

I just wish someone would give me money to start my business so I can afford to be with my child.

I just want to be the mother I am supposed to be :(

  • February 2013