No Boundaries

Her name was Katrina and Katrina had an issue with boundaries. She lacked them. She would drop by unannounced and make herself at home. Come in, go to the fridge, grab a soda and head to the couch to watch some tv. She found our medicine cabinet fascinating and would rifle through it. She never took anything just curious to know what was in there. If a hairbrush was in there, she would brush her hair while scanning the contents of the cabinet. Cindy and I didn't even know how Katrina came into our life; it's like she suddenly showed up at our door and made her self at home.

One evening, Cindy and I had just had some special time and had used a flavored lip gloss to not only lubricate the pleasure but to add some layers to our taste experiences. (Aww, come on girls, you have all been there...) We always kept this special flavor along side of the other girlie things that might be found on a vanity, but we each knew that this was our special beauty enhancer.

Katrina, sat herself down at the vanity and began taking inventory of all the carefully arranged make up and perfumes. She eye balled the special flavor and picked it up to read what it was. She popped the top off and just as she was slowly raising it to her lips to apply it, we both began to stop her; just as it hit her lips, Cindy and I looked at each other and just shook our heads as if to say to each other, "Nahhhh, this will be our little secret." Katrina applied a particularly heavy coat of lip gloss and seemed to have a bigger smile than when she sat down to the vanity.

Needless to say, we had to say goodbye to that lip gloss.

  • February 2013