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asy Control Panel

Easily manage your websites using the powerful VistaPanel control panel, inspired by cPanel.
Fast and Reliable

Using clusters of 24 core Xeon web servers, a grid of MySQL servers with hardware load balancers and SAN storage, your website will load fast, always!
Free Forever

InfinityFree provides completely free hosting! We will never ask you for payment to use or continue to use our free hosting. There are no time limits or hidden fees.
Instant Setup

Forget about account waiting queues, with InfinityFree you can have a website up within minutes. Whenever you want.
Established Quality

InfinityFree has been providing free hosting for over five years and we don't plan to quit any time soon!
Host Any Domain

Host your own domain name on our servers or get a free subdomain of one of the 25+ available domain names.

  • February 2017