How do you secure your home?

This might be a good way to share ideas as to how to secure your home and keep your stuff....and most importantly your

Just to explain my vantage point, I live in a shithole of a town with some really crooked cops. To draw a picture, my house got robbed last September, and all they stole were my guns. That was my fault because the robbers were contractors my Dad hired to fix some stuff in my house and I OK'd them coming in while I was at work. My bad. Mind you, my house doubles as a recording studio. There's enough gear in here that if you pawned it all, you could buy a fully loaded Toyota Camry. So I lost about $4000 in guns. I've about replaced everything except one gun I just plain can't replace. I was really counting on my place being safe because it's pretty hidden and most people don't think anyone lives here. Given how things went down, that didn't help me. What I've done to secure my house is to mount a holster that holds a handgun on the bottom side of my desk and another done the same under my bed. Just to be a dick, I have a wireless web cam in my kitchen that points right at the door (there's only one door in). My AV guy at work hooked me up with some free downloadable software that will recognize motion with a compatible camera AND if something trips it it emails me a link to see what it sees streaming. I'm trying to find a way to make it record too, but one thing at a time.

What do you all do? Sharing ideas might help everyone lock it down better and safer.

  • February 2013