Cutters, Eating Disorders, And all the rest of it


Had a wonderful night....

But still the need to cut exists. I came home and could not WAIT to get the bathroom to take care of things. Just a few scratches...they will heal in a few days. But wow...what a release. Each time is still unique, and makes it feel new again. I have to go to bed, but i am completely energized. This is why I have cut for so long. This sensation has never ended...after so long, it should have worn off. But no - it still is just as enticing as ever. I will say this - if you have never cut, but are only thinking about beginning, please don't do it. I have been at it 25 years...their is nothing more addictive, less understood, or more destructive to a person emotionally. For those already involved, you know exactly what i mean. I hope everyone has a beautiful night! love and light to you all ;-)

  • February 2013