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Guardian Angel - is there such a thing?

The subject of a guardian angel has turned up in discussions. It is a good or bad force, according to one's perception. The good force is that it exists and looks after your back. The bad force .. I am not sure about that.

What are your thoughts about this?

My take is that a guardian angel exists. I nearly got hit by a van once, as both the driver and me were not paying attention. We were both looking at our surroundings, at the bustling trade of a Sunday morning open air market. I was on the road in front of a row of shops, including a restaurant.

I realized at close range of maybe 2 feet distance a van was going to plow into me! I pushed the van with all my strength to avoid being mowed on. A wheel wedged on a shoe. Good thing it had a medium height sole made of a natural fibre - it was a pricey but comfortable pair of Comfit Bata shoes.

The van driver suddenly became aware in shock that someone was pushing his van in front as he must had seen the desperate expression on my face. He did the necessary and I came out of the situation unharmed.

As for onlooker. I saw a look of disappointment that no grisly outcome occurred on one of the restaurant workers' face. She had obviously witnessed the whole incident. I left the scene.

  • May 2017