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Educating the public to be considerate

I was on a few train rides on the KTM along the western corridor of Peninsular Malaysia. Along the train line there are several stops. Loaded with heavy luggage, when my husband, daughter and me embarked on the crowded train, 3 passengers vacated their seats for us. They travelled standing up. The ride was indeed pleasant on the electric train. We were on the way to a rural inland town where we stayed for a few days.

On the return journey, at a train stop, a male passenger gave up his seat for us. That made 2 vacant seats.

This made me think that KTM or Keretapi Tanah Melayu has successfully educated the public on the Do's and Don'ts, in particular, Give up your seat to the passenger who needs it. Such as old people, pregnant woman and maybe the handicapped. There are prominent printed signboards on the Do's and Don'ts on the train including no smoking, littering and kissing in public. The coaches are spotlessly clean with no littering. There is a quiet atmosphere of respectability.

In conclusion, maybe the way to educate the public is to erect more of these signboards in public places.

  • September 2016