Working Moms


Dinner time blues

I love being a mom and I while I would love to be able to stay-at-home I am ok with the fact that in our case I need to work. One thing that really gets to me though is dinner. Mostly cooking said dinner every day, I dread getting home after work, rushing, tired, and then having to cook. I like cooking but not like this... Of course this is has an impact on the variety and quality of my meals. Some times I wish I would win the lottery and others it's just jealousy towards the 'lucky' stay-at-home moms. Hopefully I am not alone and hopefully this gets better. Anyway, there's my rant for today, at least the first one :D. Oh wait here it comes, I wish my boyfriend would volunteer to cook more often (as in more than a few times a year!) and that when he did he would at least try to make something relatively healthy and that the kiddo would eat. He seats with us for dinner every day, how come he has to ask me every time what does he eat? Seriously, the kid is two and has been eating solids for over a year now. Ok, I think that was it on the dinner thing lol.

  • January 2013