Profit Clicking


Charlie L. ( Testimonial )

Hi, I'm honored to share my Profit Clicking success story! I joined PC in June of 2012 with no funds, since I did not have any extra. Shared with some and got a few referrals (7) who then purchased ad packs, so my income started to grow and signed up my wife. In August we were finally able to add some small funds to help speed things along. On September 20, 2012 I was viewing my required 3 ads and saw an interesting website to advertise my Profit Clicking on so I did. Since 9/20/12 We now have 263 Level 1 and 49 Level 2 referrals due to advertising PC to a website I saw in the PC Traffic Exchange, many are now purchasing Ad Packages for themselves which means referral commissions. So I guess we can say PC made it possible for us to find this success within itself. We love Profit Clicking and look forward to many successful years to come! Thank you Profit Clicking! :)

  • January 2013