Cutters, Eating Disorders, And all the rest of it


5 days

Its been 5 days since the last time i cut. OR used nail clippers. I decided to challenge myself on the whole nail clipper issue from the previous week, just so see if i could go for a while without it. My cuticles are now rough and jagged and keep getting caught on things. I pulled a piece of skin off with my fingers because I just couldn't take it catching on things anymore, and of course it bled (not my intent), but other than that, I have done well this week. I have not had the urge to cut at all, so i have not had to worry about that part, which is nice. I want to go a full 7 days and just let my cuticles and fingers heal, but i REALLY want to cut them back....they feel like awful ugly talons. We'll see how it goes. Also, would love to hear how everyone else is doing this week.

  • February 2013