Bad Bosses

Discuss your bad bosses and suggestions on how to deal with them
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    my casting director in the play told me to suck it, and call me back up 2 days later and told me i was casted, I went their and worked and he was always a dick to me ,...
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    Micro managers

    Many bad basses believe in micro management to the max. They don't give any breathing room to their people. Don't encourage people making mistakes and kill creativity. These managers usually lose their good people to competitors quickly and still don't...
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    Measuring Eyes

    There is a co-worker woman in another department who has a wide eyed, steely, evaluating, unsmiling, look. I avoid interacting with her unless it's to handle a work related matter. I maintain my composure, speak to her pleasantly...
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    5 Traits of a Bad Boss

    I am sure you guys can think of a lot more but here are a few: - Bad listener - Takes credit for your work - Criticizes you in public and praises you (little) in private - Favors employees based on personal relationship vs....
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    Just get it done

    My favourites are the ones that snap their fingers and say, "Just get it done". They usually ignore all reality and limits and pretend just because they're in charge, they can make it happen. Hey, it's not our...
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    Passive Aggressive bosses

    How do you guys deal with passive aggressive bosses - you know the type that won't tell you to your face what's bothering them about you but they'll do weird things like take your good project and give to...