About Social Number

Like most people, we were tired of having no privacy with the existing social networks. We wanted to express ourselves freely without sharing personal details. And, that was the genesis of Social Number.

Welcome to Social Number, our effort to turn our beliefs into a global community.

‘Social Number’ is a free app that allows you to connect with other ‘like-minded’ people anonymously. Here you are just a number and your real identity is never revealed.

Our community is using the site for many purposes. Here are just a few examples:

  • “to meet new people”
  • “to openly discuss interesting and controversial topics that really matter”
  • “to look for new job opportunities without disclosing your name”
  • “to provide open feedback on companies and colleagues”
  • “to have a permanent online identity that’s private”
  • “and, most importantly, express themselves freely”

We hope these serve as mere suggestions to your creative use of the site.

And, finally, no community can succeed without the active participation of its members. We welcome any and all feedback on the site. Please keep the comments coming and, express yourself, freely!

Social Number Inc. is a Delaware based corporation.