Bad Bosses

Discuss your bad bosses and suggestions on how to deal with them
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    on my time on this earth I've come to realise the greatest weapon a employee can have against any boss is knowledge of their own position in society the class divides are being ever more distinct and it seems to...
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    my casting director in the play told me to suck it, and call me back up 2 days later and told me i was casted, I went their and worked and he was always a dick to me ,...
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    I ALWAYS felt awkward when i was near my boss, but for that reason he obviously doesn't promote me. wtf?
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    Passive Aggressive bosses

    How do you guys deal with passive aggressive bosses - you know the type that won't tell you to your face what's bothering them about you but they'll do weird things like take your good project and give to...
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    Too smart ass

    As the year draws to a close, one event particularly stood out. During the annual staff performance appraisal, forms were handed out and all the management staff had to fill in the forms for discussion with their immediate superior....
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    Why so many bosses are bad

    It seems like it's really hard to find good bosses. Almost every one I talk to has stories about at least some bad bosses they have had. So why is that we have so many bad managers? Partially because many...
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    Reports being born

    This isn't about bad bosses. This ex-boss has a unique perspective. He said, "Writing a report is like giving birth". Unforgettable :))
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    5 Traits of a Bad Boss

    I am sure you guys can think of a lot more but here are a few: - Bad listener - Takes credit for your work - Criticizes you in public and praises you (little) in private - Favors employees based on personal relationship vs....
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    Measuring Eyes

    There is a co-worker woman in another department who has a wide eyed, steely, evaluating, unsmiling, look. I avoid interacting with her unless it's to handle a work related matter. I maintain my composure, speak to her pleasantly...
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    Other peoples bad bosses

    I work in HR and help with recruitment. We have a department head who is such a bullying bitch that her turnover rate is in the double digits. She is a nightmare to work for and some of the people...
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    Work place discrimination

    I've been discriminated against at work because of my age and because I have a disability. I was passed over for a job because of my age. My job was threatened because I parked in a handicap spot for 3...
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    Supervisor is a liar and thief

    I have a supervisor that stole my flash drive and copied personal documents off of it to try and get me fired. Funny thing is the documents that he printed was my notes of him harassing me. 3...
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    New negative boss

    I recently got two new bosses. I absolutely love one of them- she is great. The other one has got to be the most negative person I have ever met. Her second week on the job we had to go...
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    Just get it done

    My favourites are the ones that snap their fingers and say, "Just get it done". They usually ignore all reality and limits and pretend just because they're in charge, they can make it happen. Hey, it's not our...
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    Micro managers

    Many bad basses believe in micro management to the max. They don't give any breathing room to their people. Don't encourage people making mistakes and kill creativity. These managers usually lose their good people to competitors quickly and still don't...
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    Power Trips

    Bosses that have no power in their personal life are so bossy. They think that automatically commands respect. Bossy people are just cowards with big mouths.
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    Too many bad bosses

    Why is that there are so many bad bosses out there? Is it because they were never trained. Or is it because we have too many people who got promoted into positions where they don't belong? Regardless, one root cause...